My name is Luca, and I prefer other people to describe me.
What I can say for sure is that I spent an incredible amount of time studying, researching, reading, watching images. I expanded my knowledge learning how to be a digital operator, a color-management expert, a pre-press technician. I’m a sport addicted since childhood, that’s why I always push myself to be better, no matter how good I am: there’s always room for improvement.
I’m very meticulous, precise and client-needs focused; nerdy enough to handle any digital issue -from files backup to files delivery- of the workflow. Always positive, problem-solver, calm and smiley. My goal is always to go beyond my client’s expectations, delivering the final version before the deadline.
Contact me and let's have a chat: I'm an old-fashioned guy... I still believe in eye-contact and conversations.
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